Fire Pit Kits

Elevate your outdoor space effortlessly with our Fire Pit Kits, designed to transform your backyard into a captivating haven. Our hassle-free installation process ensures a seamless assembly experience, with everything conveniently packaged on one pallet.


Each kit features a durable steel insert, accompanied by blocks and precut top caps for added convenience. Enhance your outdoor gatherings with the optional removable grill top accessory, perfect for easy and convenient cooking.


Explore versatility with our Gas Fire Pit Kit, offering a smooth transition from traditional wood-burning pits to modern gas fire pits. Enjoy the utmost convenience and flexibility as you create memorable moments in your outdoor oasis.

A removable grill top accessory is also available for cooking, and simply sits directly on top of the steel ring.   You can even turn your wood burning pit into a gas fire pit with our easy-to-install Gas Fire Pit Kit.

Fossill Stone Collection

Random Stone Collection


Fire Pit Grills