Creative Ways to Use Retaining Walls

For ages, retaining walls have been used to retain soil on one side of the structure, allowing for a lower floor level on the other side. If you have any uneven ground around the outside of your property, you’ve probably used a retaining wall of some sort. While retaining walls still exist for that main purpose, nowadays people are getting more creative with how they use them.

Retaining walls don’t have to be used strictly for structural purposes, they can also be utilized for many other outdoor projects. There’s even different types, colors, and profiles to choose from.

Here at Natural Concrete Products, our retaining walls come in two styles we like to call: Full Block Series and Free Standing Block Series. The difference between them? Full Blocks are bigger and bulkier, with a lip on the backside that interlocks the blocks; Free Standing Blocks stand alone so that both sides of the block are visible, which means they don’t have the lipping on the back. Our full blocks are great for lake front properties, yards with slopes, and tiered gardens, while our free standing blocks work perfectly for elevated seating spots and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Here’s a list of some creative ways to use your retaining wall blocks for more than just structural purposes:

Elevated Decks

Retaining walls are replacing the traditional, wooden decks because of its minimal maintenance and its long-term durability.


Hold up the edge of a new gravel or concrete driveway with your retaining wall while adding some awesome curb appeal!


Water Features

Add a plastic liner on the inside of your retaining wall formation to create your own peaceful water feature.


Carve out a Patio

Carve out your desired patio area with retaining wall blocks. You can create a step-down patio with interlocking full blocks or a leveled patio edge with free standing blocks.


Integrated Steps

Incorporating steps into your retaining wall helps to give your wall more practical use.


Elevated Seating

Place your retaining wall next to your fire pit for built-in, elevated seating.



Looking to add a little character to your front entrance? You can make stand-alone stairs out of retaining wall blocks and caps instead of having to go through the process of pouring concrete steps.

Curb Appeal

Maybe you simply want to add some curb appeal to your property, or possibly a tiered garden? Either way, retaining walls create a clean finish for your landscaping project.


Outdoor Living

Did we convince you to make an outdoor kitchen in our last blog post? If not, maybe we will this time. Retaining wall blocks make excellent outdoor kitchen counters, islands, and bars.

Traditional Uses

Although there are plenty of things you can design with your retaining wall blocks, you can always just use them for their intended purpose, which looks beautiful and adds value to your property every time.



Have any other ideas we didn’t think of? Send us a picture of your project!

Adding value and curb appeal to your property is simple with retaining wall blocks. We may be bias, but we think our retaining wall blocks are pretty unique compared to the plain block options. Be sure to check them all out.