RockStone Edging

Looking for a natural looking stone border for your lawn or landscaping?  RockStone Edging by Natural Concrete Products helps define your outdoor space with style, beauty, and function.  Our RockStone Edging is engineered with a flat front edge allowing ease while mowing and grooming your space.









  • 24″L x 4″H x 9″W
  • 2 linear ft each
  • 63/pallet
  • 2961 lbs/pallet

In Turn

In Turn:

  • 32″L x 4″H x 9″W
  • 2 Linear Feet
  • 35 per pallet
  • 1645 lbs/pallet

Out Turn


Out Turn

  • 24″L x 4″H x 9″W
  • 2 Linear Feet
  • 42/pallet
  • 1974 lbs/pallet

Available in Brown or Gray